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About Seahub

Cruises are an amazing travel product. It is incredible to wake up in a new destination every day, without having to move your luggage & belongings.

This is why more than 21 million people have cruised this year, and why this number has been growing steadily 10% every year for the last decade.

Unfortunately, the experience of booking a cruise is still very difficult. From complicated booking platforms, to confusing information… we’re in 2018, it should be easier.

- Enters Seahub -

Seahub was founded in mid-2017 by a group of entrepreneurs with the goal of modernizing the cruise space.

The founders of Seahub are seasoned entrepreneurs who have been building companies since they were teenagers.

Our team previously founded Flighthub.com and Justfly.com (the 3rd largest flight booking site, with more than 3 billion dollars in annual sales and 1,000 employees), as well as a network of sites that now has more than 100M visitors per day, and employs more than 3,000 people today.

In the last few years alone, our team was responsible for more than 4 acquisitions, and built some of the leading companies in sectors as diverse as analytics, advertising, travel, etc. They are also part of some of the world’s most prestigious organizations, such as the Peter Thiel Fellowship.

Meet the executive team

Matthew Keezer

Co-Founder - Seahub(2017-present)

Story in progress :)

Co-Founder & Chairman

FlightHub.com & Justfly.com (2012-present)

Matt founded Flighthub.com & Justfly.com, which in a few short years became one of the world’s largest flight booking websites, with annual sales of more than 3 billion dollars, and more than 1,000 employees across several global locations.


The Hub you love but don’t tell anyone about (2005-2011)

While still in his mid twenties, he created a network of video streaming sites that became the largest of such sites in the world. It continued to grow and now has more than 100M visitors per day and employs more than 1,000 people in Montreal.

Matt’s hobbies include: traveling, fishing, astronomy, board games, foosball.

Samuel F. Poirier

Co-Founder - Seahub (2017-present)

We do boats now :)

Thiel Fellow

Peter Thiel Foundation (2016-Present)

At 22, Sam was awarded the $100,000 Peter Thiel fellowship prize.


Retinad VR (2015-2017)

At 21, he co-founded Retinad VR, a leader in virtual reality analytics, for which he raised $3M. The company was acquired in 2018.


Yagi Card (Mt.Gox) (2011-2014)

Sam founded his first company at 14 years old. At 18, he raised $700k to create the world’s first debit card for Bitcoin, which eventually merged with Bitcoin exchange Mt.Gox.

When he’s not working, Sam fishes (but doesn’t catch anything), plays Minecraft, and obsesses about space exploration.

Eric Parent

Co-Founder / CTO -Seahub (2017-present)

Co-Founder - Flighthub.com & Justfly.com (2012-present)

CTO - of the Hub site you love ;) (2007-2011)

Immediately after receiving his Bachelor’s degree in computer science from Concordia University, Eric went on to help create 3 profitable companies with his partners in the span of 10 years. He considers himself a serial startup enabler, and loves to build teams that can tackle any challenge and carve a path to success using technology.

When he’s not working, Eric loves to play video games, workout with his friends at the gym and listening to “The Office” for the 5th time on Netflix while cooking for his family.

Marcus Tomiuk

Director of Sales - Seahub (2018-Present)

Marcus began a career in sales when he was 20 years old at Future Electronics, where he consistently exceeded all targets throughout his four years there. He then moved to LivingSocial and eSignLive (acquired by Vasco). Most recently, he was a part of the extremely fast growing Lightspeed POS, reaching President’s Club for exceeding targets by up to 148%. Marcus attributes his leadership and coaching skills to the experience he gained working with some of the world’s best sales organizations.

When he is not working or beating Sam in Super Smash, Marcus loves to run, workout and eat great food.

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