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Cruises from Naples







Cruises from Naples

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Best Destinations

You have 3 choices. Mediterranean - Western is the cheapest, and Mediterranean - Western has the most options.

Best Cruise Lines

You have 2 choices. MSC Cruises is the cheapest, and MSC Cruises has the most options.

What To Expect

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If you love pizza, then a cruise leaving from Naples is the perfect choice. The Italians here take their famous dish so seriously that there are strict requirements on how a Neapolitan pizza is made, so foodies should not miss the chance to visit this picturesque city. As well as pizza, you can also snack on toothsome gelato and local doughnuts called zeppole.

In addition to the food, Naples has a whole host of interesting attractions like the underwater city of Pozzuoli and the Museum of the treasure of San Gennaro. Anyone who loves museums can also wander around the National Museum of Ceramic where you can see pieces from the Ming Dynasty and the Renaissance period, and many buildings here also overlook the gorgeous Isle of Capri.

If you have time, this scenic island is well worth a visit and is easily accessible via a short ferry ride from Naples. One of the main attractions on the island is the sparkling Blue Grotto, which is a sea cave known for its sapphire hue. All in all, a cruise leaving from Naples lets you take in the magic of one of the most charming cities in Italy and is a great way to kick off your cruise vacation.

Cruises from Naples
Cruise Destinations Lowest Price Number Of Cruises
Mediterranean $659 10
Mediterranean - Western $499 59

Frequently Asked Questions

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1) Can I take a tour of the city as part of a cruise leaving from Naples?

Many cruise lines have add-ons where you can book a tour of your city of embarkation. If you prefer, you can also choose to arrive in Naples several days before your cruise departs and visit the city independently.

2) What is the weather like in Naples?

Naples has a seasonal climate. The warmest months fall in the summer from June to August and the coldest months are over the winter period from December to February.

3) When is the cheapest time to visit Naples?

The cheapest time to visit is from March to May. This is the springtime and falls just before the busy summer season. As a result, you can get some great deals on accommodation at this time.

4) Do I need to bring my passport on a cruise leaving from Naples?

Most cruises require you to bring a passport that has six months validity remaining. This depends on your nationality and cruise itinerary however so it is best to check the requirements when you book.

Which destinations can I go to from Naples ?

The most popular destination is Mediterranean, but you also have other options like Mediterranean , Mediterranean - Western

How long are cruises from Naples ?

The average length is 6 nights, but you’ll be able to choose from 6-night cruises, 7-night cruises

What are the best cruise lines for Naples cruises ?

The best cruiselines depends on what you’re looking for and who you’re traveling with! You’ll be able to choose from cruise lines like Costa Cruise Lines , MSC Cruises

Are cruises from Naples expensive ?

It will depend on the room you choose, but the average cruise from Naples is $934. You can get prices as low as $659, but it can also go up to $1229.

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