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Caribbean Cruises - What To Expect

A Caribbean Cruise is a dream vacation for many travelers but now you can make it a reality and embrace everything that this colorful part of the world has to offer. The Caribbean is covered in beautiful beaches that back on to crystal clear turquoise waters and you will get the chance to experience some of the best diving in the region. The waters in the Caribbean teem with vibrant aquatic life and you can also enjoy brightly hued coral reefs or just relax on the white sands if you prefer.

One of the big draws for many visitors is the chance experience the laid-back culture for which the Caribbean is so famous, and this coupled with some of the best natural scenery in the world makes a Caribbean Cruise an opportunity not to be missed.

When you book a Caribbean Cruise you can enjoy a range of both onboard and onshore activities and one of the great highlights of a cruise in the Caribbean is the number of activities on board the ship that will give you an insight into the local culture. Feel the beat of the Caribbean’s famous music scene at a range of venues during the cruise, and take part in Caribbean themed danced classes and relax and unwind with some delicious traditional dishes and drinks. If you haven’t visited this fascinating part of the world before then a Caribbean Cruise is the best way to immerse yourself in the very best that the Caribbean has to offer.

Cruises to Caribbean
Cruise Lines Lowest Prices Number Of Cruises
Royal Caribbean International $198 189
Holland America Line $549 104
Windstar Cruises $1299 31
Viking Ocean Cruises $2199 15
Oceania Cruises $1999 11
Regent Seven Seas Cruises $5499 8
Cunard $3661 4
Crystal Cruises $7985 1
When is the best time to visit the Caribbean?

Peak season in the Caribbean is usually from December to April as this is when the weather is less humid and a little cooler. This is also the busiest season so if you want to avoid the crowds then you may want to consider visiting from April to May.

Does the Caribbean experience hurricanes?

Yes. Hurricane season in the Caribbean is usually from September to October although heavy rain can often start as early as June. You can still join a cruise at this time however and if the Caribbean experiences a hurricane then the ship will usually simply change course to avoid it. Passenger safety is paramount when you choose a Caribbean Cruise and staff will monitor all weather systems and take appropriate action if necessary.

Will I get seasick on a Caribbean Cruise?

Different people have different reactions to being on a ship and motion sickness can be a problem. If you are worried about seasickness however then a Caribbean Cruise is an excellent choice as the waters in the Caribbean are known for being mostly calm which should greatly reduce your chances of feeling unwell.

What clothes should I bring on a Caribbean Cruise?

As the weather in the Caribbean is warm you do not need to pack many extra layers, although you may want to bring a light sweater or jacket for all eventualities. Many guests taking a Caribbean Cruise opt to bring shorts, light long sleeved clothing, and a range of swimwear. Also think about packing some good walking shoes for any onshore excursions.

What are the best cruise lines for Caribbean cruises ?

The best cruiselines depends on what you’re looking for and who you’re traveling with! You’ll be able to choose from cruise lines like Royal Caribbean International , Holland America Line , Windstar Cruises , Viking Ocean Cruises , Oceania Cruises , Regent Seven Seas Cruises , Cunard , Crystal Cruises

How long are Caribbean cruises ?

The average length is 6 nights, but you’ll be able to choose from 4-night cruises, 12-night cruises

Are cruises to Caribbean expensive ?

It will depend on the room you choose, but the average cruise to Caribbean is $665. You can get prices as low as $198, but it can also go up to $2999.

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