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Mediterranean Cruise Deals

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More Recommendations for Mediterranean Cruises

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Best Cruise Lines

You have 13 choices. MSC Cruises is the cheapest, and Costa Cruise Lines has the most options.

Best Departure port

You have 43 choices. Cannes, France has the cheapest cruises, Barcelona, Spain has the most departures.

Barcelona, Spain

Available Sailings: 388

Prices range from: $89 to $16296

Average Cruise Price: $2820

Cruise Length Range: 1 - 28 days

Average Cruise Length: 8 days

Venice, Italy

Available Sailings: 338

Prices range from: $279 to $16909

Average Cruise Price: $3415

Cruise Length Range: 3 - 33 days

Average Cruise Length: 9 days

Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy

Available Sailings: 334

Prices range from: $299 to $15209

Average Cruise Price: $3146

Cruise Length Range: 4 - 28 days

Average Cruise Length: 9 days

Piraeus (Athens), Greece

Available Sailings: 240

Prices range from: $832 to $24917

Average Cruise Price: $6386

Cruise Length Range: 7 - 71 days

Average Cruise Length: 11 days

Savona (Genoa), Italy

Available Sailings: 177

Prices range from: $239 to $1829

Average Cruise Price: $732

Cruise Length Range: 3 - 14 days

Average Cruise Length: 7 days

Marseille, France

Available Sailings: 174

Prices range from: $129 to $1639

Average Cruise Price: $653

Cruise Length Range: 1 - 26 days

Average Cruise Length: 6 days

Genoa, Italy

Available Sailings: 71

Prices range from: $69 to $2109

Average Cruise Price: $678

Cruise Length Range: 1 - 31 days

Average Cruise Length: 5 days

Istanbul, Turkey

Available Sailings: 42

Prices range from: $1799 to $16596

Average Cruise Price: $7786

Cruise Length Range: 7 - 28 days

Average Cruise Length: 13 days

Lisbon, Portugal

Available Sailings: 36

Prices range from: $949 to $7499

Average Cruise Price: $4523

Cruise Length Range: 7 - 21 days

Average Cruise Length: 10 days

What To Expect

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A Mediterranean Cruise is perfect for a wide range of travelers depending on your interests. Any history buffs will find a huge amount to enjoy in countries such as Spain, France, and Italy, all of which are known for their fabulous ancient monuments in the form of chapels, churches, and museums. If you like sampling delicious cuisines, then you have come to the right place and this part of the world is known for its toothsome dishes which regularly feature stunning seafood and sun-blushed vegetables. A cruise will also let you try famous foods like paella as well as a plethora of pasta, and this region is also known for its wonderful olive oil.

In countries such as Greece you will be able to learn all about one of the most ancient civilizations in the worlds, and if you venture to Italy you can check out the fantastic Roman architecture which made this country so famous. Another highlight for anyone interested in architecture is the chance sail to Spain and visit sights like La Sagrada Familia Church which was designed by Gaudi, or you can take to the water on the iconic canals of Venice in Italy. Wherever you go as part of a Mediterranean Cruise, you will be guaranteed memories that will last a lifetime in one of the prettiest parts of the world.

Cruises to Mediterranean
Cruise Lines Lowest Prices Number Of Cruises
Cunard $1349 4
Seabourn Cruise Line $2999 97
Viking Ocean Cruises $2099 104
Norwegian Cruise Line $776 56
Regent Seven Seas Cruises $7999 6
Oceania Cruises $1299 52
MSC Cruises $129 66
Holland America Line $1499 31

Frequently Asked Questions

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1) Which countries can I visit on a Mediterranean Cruise?

It depends on which itinerary you choose. Some cruises will focus on the Eastern Mediterranean and visit countries such as Greece, Turkey, and Croatia. Others will focus on the Western Mediterranean and will likely sail around Spain, France, and Italy. The best advice is to check different itineraries and see which one is the right one for you.

2) When is the best time to take a Mediterranean Cruise?

High season lasts from April to October although you can sign up to travel at any time of the year. If you prefer warm weather then April, May, September and October are good choices as it can get very hot in the summer months. In the winter temperatures can drop quite significantly although if you prefer colder weather then this can be a good pick.

3) What should I wear for a Mediterranean Cruise?

Most travelers chose to wear casual wear as part of a cruise. Some events such as a Captain’s Dinner may require some formal wear so it is best to check this with the cruise operator when you book. Note that many churches in the Mediterranean have strict dress codes and visitors should take care to wear long trousers and cover their shoulders if they want to enter.

4) What should I pack for a Mediterranean Cruise?

This depends on the kinds of activities you want to join as part of a cruise to the Mediterranean. If you plan to spend time swimming then you will need to bring a range of swimwear and if you want to go hiking then you will need some good walking shoes or boots.

What are the best cruise lines for Mediterranean cruises ?

The best cruiselines depends on what you’re looking for and who you’re traveling with! You’ll be able to choose from cruise lines like Cunard , Seabourn Cruise Line , Viking Ocean Cruises , Norwegian Cruise Line , Regent Seven Seas Cruises , Oceania Cruises , MSC Cruises , Holland America Line

How long are Mediterranean cruises ?

The average length is 14 nights, but you’ll be able to choose from 12-night cruises, 16-night cruises

Are cruises to Mediterranean expensive ?

It will depend on the room you choose, but the average cruise to Mediterranean is $2083. You can get prices as low as $1349, but it can also go up to $3251.

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