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Southeast Asia Cruise Deals

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More Recommendations for Southeast Asia Cruises

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Best Cruise Lines

You have 4 choices. Princess Cruises is the cheapest, and Princess Cruises has the most options.

Best Departure port

You have 13 choices. Kobe, Japan has the cheapest cruises, Singapore, Singapore has the most departures.

Singapore, Singapore

Available Sailings: 60

Prices range from: $399 to $41300

Average Cruise Price: $4754

Cruise Length Range: 3 - 59 days

Average Cruise Length: 15 days

Tokyo, Japan

Available Sailings: 28

Prices range from: $849 to $76999

Average Cruise Price: $4811

Cruise Length Range: 4 - 22 days

Average Cruise Length: 8 days

Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR, China

Available Sailings: 11

Prices range from: $13299 to $21699

Average Cruise Price: $17032

Cruise Length Range: 5 - 30 days

Average Cruise Length: 16 days

Kobe, Japan

Available Sailings: 7

Prices range from: $449 to $929

Average Cruise Price: $704

Cruise Length Range: 5 - 8 days

Average Cruise Length: 6 days

Shanghai, China

Available Sailings: 6

Prices range from: $2059 to $24299

Average Cruise Price: $13864

Cruise Length Range: 14 - 41 days

Average Cruise Length: 22 days

Laem Chabang (Bangkok), Thailand

Available Sailings: 3

Prices range from: $17699 to $25499

Average Cruise Price: $21599

Cruise Length Range: 16 - 40 days

Average Cruise Length: 25 days

Keelung (Taipei), Taiwan, China

Available Sailings: 3

Prices range from: $2124 to $2124

Average Cruise Price: $2124

Cruise Length Range: 7 - 16 days

Average Cruise Length: 12 days

Sydney, Australia

Available Sailings: 3

Prices range from: $8299 to $35899

Average Cruise Price: $22232

Cruise Length Range: 24 - 36 days

Average Cruise Length: 28 days

Benoa (Bali), Indonesia

Available Sailings: 3

Prices range from: $3999 to $12499

Average Cruise Price: $7332

Cruise Length Range: 10 - 28 days

Average Cruise Length: 16 days

What To Expect

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Southeast Asia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and now you can check it out from the comfort of a Southeast Asia Cruise. This part of the world is known for its mesmerizing culture which is steeped in history, all of which you can witness firsthand through the breathtaking temples, pagodas, and mosques, many of which date back centuries.

You will be able to enjoy some of the prettiest waterways in the world and savor a mix of both on-deck and offshore activities that will let you trek to ancient monuments as well as picturesque local villages. Any nature lovers will get the chance to admire natural attractions like mountains and waterfalls and unique ecosystems that are a haven of colorful flora and fauna. As if that wasn’t enough, Southeast Asia is home to lush, unspoilt rainforests which are perfect if you want to explore and go for a hike.

Another great reason to take a Southeast Asia Cruise is for the chance to try some of the delicious food that this continent has to offer and which is often voted the tastiest cuisine in the world.

Cruises to Southeast Asia
Cruise Lines Lowest Prices Number Of Cruises
Norwegian Cruise Line $579 4
Celebrity Cruises $899 15
Azamara Club Cruises $2499 15
Windstar Cruises $ 14
Viking Ocean Cruises $4799 19
Holland America Line $999 44
Oceania Cruises $3799 9
Royal Caribbean International $307 167

Frequently Asked Questions

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1) When is the best time to visit Southeast Asia?

This depends very much on which countries you plan to visit. Many areas of Southeast Asia have a pronounced rainy season and it can rain heavily every day, although this varies from country to country. One of the great things is that it will be warm whenever you choose to visit and showers during the rainy season are usually sharp and rarely last for more than a few hours.

2) What clothing should I bring with me on a Southeast Asia Cruise?

Southeast Asia enjoys warm weather so you should aim to bring summer clothes. In the evenings, depending on the countries you visit, temperatures may drop a little so it is a good idea to bring some light layers that you can put on when the sun goes down.

3) Will I need a visa to join a Southeast Asia Cruise?

Most travelers will need multiple visas as you will be traveling through several countries. Some visitors from the ASEAN region may be eligible for a visa on arrival in some countries but it is best to check this before you book.

4) How many countries can I visit on a Southeast Asia Cruise?

This depends on which cruise you choose. Some cruises are shorter and you will only visit a few countries as part of the vacation. If you want to see as many countries in Southeast Asia as possible then you can sign up for a longer itinerary which will give you more time to explore the region.

What are the best cruise lines for Southeast Asia cruises ?

The best cruiselines depends on what you’re looking for and who you’re traveling with! You’ll be able to choose from cruise lines like Norwegian Cruise Line , Celebrity Cruises , Azamara Club Cruises , Windstar Cruises , Viking Ocean Cruises , Holland America Line , Oceania Cruises , Royal Caribbean International

How long are Southeast Asia cruises ?

The average length is 11 nights, but you’ll be able to choose from 7-night cruises, 13-night cruises

Are cruises to Southeast Asia expensive ?

It will depend on the room you choose, but the average cruise to Southeast Asia is $896. You can get prices as low as $579, but it can also go up to $1149.

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