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World Cruise Deals

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Best Cruise Lines

You have 10 choices. Cunard is the cheapest, and Oceania Cruises has the most options.

Best Departure port

You have 39 choices. Perth (Fremantle), Australia has the cheapest cruises, Miami, Florida has the most departures.

Miami, Florida

Available Sailings: 39

Prices range from: $2299 to $141499

Average Cruise Price: $25496

Cruise Length Range: 14 - 200 days

Average Cruise Length: 72 days

Los Angeles, California

Available Sailings: 24

Prices range from: $5299 to $108443

Average Cruise Price: $27608

Cruise Length Range: 21 - 161 days

Average Cruise Length: 77 days

Southampton, England

Available Sailings: 22

Prices range from: $2639 to $39999

Average Cruise Price: $10274

Cruise Length Range: 18 - 107 days

Average Cruise Length: 41 days

Sydney, Australia

Available Sailings: 19

Prices range from: $2979 to $39999

Average Cruise Price: $12179

Cruise Length Range: 14 - 106 days

Average Cruise Length: 42 days

Barcelona, Spain

Available Sailings: 19

Prices range from: $2349 to $22599

Average Cruise Price: $6267

Cruise Length Range: 14 - 116 days

Average Cruise Length: 41 days

Singapore, Singapore

Available Sailings: 18

Prices range from: $5229 to $31999

Average Cruise Price: $13131

Cruise Length Range: 16 - 68 days

Average Cruise Length: 37 days

Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy

Available Sailings: 15

Prices range from: $3649 to $23999

Average Cruise Price: $11659

Cruise Length Range: 12 - 116 days

Average Cruise Length: 50 days

Venice, Italy

Available Sailings: 13

Prices range from: $4399 to $9799

Average Cruise Price: $6365

Cruise Length Range: 14 - 112 days

Average Cruise Length: 40 days

San Francisco, California

Available Sailings: 12

Prices range from: $3659 to $69999

Average Cruise Price: $24017

Cruise Length Range: 12 - 182 days

Average Cruise Length: 73 days

What To Expect

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If you have ever thought about going around the globe to take in its most spectacular locations then a World Cruise is the perfect vacation choice. You can visit continents like Asia where you will learn about ancient cultures and spend time checking out the colorful scenery. If you are looking for an adventure then you can also enjoy the sun-baked Australian Outback or you can relax on the golden beaches for which Hawaii is famous.

As the cruise continues, you can discover a number of amazing locations in the sunny Mediterranean and you can visit some of the most famous cities in the world such as Paris, London and Barcelona. In addition to the delights of Europe, you can mix things up with a visit to azure waters of the Caribbean or uncover winter wonderlands in Canada. A World Cruise also allows you to go on safari in Africa and this is one of the best ways to check out historic attractions and cultural gems all over the globe.

Cruises to World
Cruise Lines Lowest Prices Number Of Cruises
Crystal Cruises $108443 1
MSC Cruises $6449 3
Cunard $2504 30
Costa Cruise Lines $13370 13
Silversea Cruises $5400 9
Oceania Cruises $1999 75
Regent Seven Seas Cruises $24084 6
Holland America Line $4324 11

Frequently Asked Questions

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1) What should I pack for a World Cruise?

This depends very much on the cruise itinerary but as a general rule you will be visiting varied countries with different climates. As such you will need to bring a selection of clothes and layers including beach wear and heavier clothing such as sweaters and jackets.

2) What is the dress code for a World Cruise?

This depends on the type of cruise line you choose but generally the dress code is relaxed. In the day time you can wear casual clothes and in the evening smart-casual outfits are recommended.

3) What kind of shoes should I bring for a World Cruise?

You will have the opportunity to go on shore excursions. These are optional but they also often involve uneven terrain and the chance to go trekking or hiking. As such it is recommended that you bring solid walking shoes or boots.

4) Do I need any immunizations to go on a World Cruise?

No. You do not need any particular vaccinations other than childhood immunizations. It is recommended however that you check with a healthcare professional regarding the latest medical advice before you embark on your cruise.

What are the best cruise lines for World cruises ?

The best cruiselines depends on what you’re looking for and who you’re traveling with! You’ll be able to choose from cruise lines like Crystal Cruises , MSC Cruises , Cunard , Costa Cruise Lines , Silversea Cruises , Oceania Cruises , Regent Seven Seas Cruises , Holland America Line

How long are World cruises ?

The average length is 85 nights, but you’ll be able to choose from 85-night cruises, 85-night cruises

Are cruises to World expensive ?

It will depend on the room you choose, but the average cruise to World is $108443. You can get prices as low as $108443, but it can also go up to $108443.

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