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MSC Cruises

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Best Destinations

You have 17 choices. Far East is the cheapest, and Mediterranean - Western has the most options.

Best Departure port

You have 51 choices. Yokohama, Japan has the cheapest cruises, Genoa, Italy has the most departures.

What To Expect

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MSC Cruises are known in the industry for their strong Mediterranean inspired atmosphere and many of the cruise routes are dedicated to the Mediterranean region. As such, they are a great pick for European travelers although you can also cruise to many other parts of the world like South Africa, South America, and Canada. When you book a cruise with them you can expect a classic cruise experience with a traditional schedule that follows the strong heritage of cruise dining and entertainment options.

When it comes to entertainment on MSC Cruises you can expect plethora of choices that include something for all tastes such as classical music concerts and aerobatic shows as well as soothing jazz evenings. Another great thing is that they offer excellent value for money and you can choose from a huge number of options if you want a wider range of amenities that make this a solid choice for travelers on a budget.

MSC Cruises Cruises
Cruise Destinations Lowest Price Number Of Cruises
Africa $189 56
Bahamas $169 17
Caribbean - Southern $699 1
Caribbean - Eastern $399 27
Caribbean - Western $259 120
Europe - Northern $129 38
Far East $179 1
Mediterranean $129 40
South America $219 143
Transatlantic $139 61
World $ 10
Caribbean $629 72
Mediterranean - Eastern $289 243
Mediterranean - Western $189 799
Middle East $279 83

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Can I access the internet on MSC Cruises?

Yes! All boats are equipped with internet access and you can easily get online while you are at sea. There are a range of packages available depending on whether you want ‘per day’ or ‘per cruise’ internet access.

2. What kinds of activities can I expect on MSC Cruises?

There are a huge number of activities available. These include cooking classes, fitness sessions, parties, games nights, dance classes, and much more. There are also special programs for children so that no one in the family is left out of the fun.

3. What should I bring with me on an MSC Cruise?

This depends on your cruise itinerary. If you are going to warm countries then casual summer wear is recommended and if you are going to be cruising to colder parts of the world then you need to bring lots of layers and some jackets and sweaters. For shore excursions it is recommended that you bring flat walking shoes.

4. What travel documents do I need to bring?

This depends on your current passport and your cruise itinerary. Once you book a cruise it is best to check with the local Embassy or Consulate of the countries you will be visiting to make sure that you get the correct travel advice.

Which destinations can I go to with MSC Cruises ?

The most popular destination is Africa, but you also have other options like Africa , Bahamas , Caribbean - Southern , Caribbean - Eastern , Caribbean - Western , Europe - Northern , Far East , Mediterranean , South America , Transatlantic , World , Caribbean , Mediterranean - Eastern , Mediterranean - Western , Middle East

How long are MSC Cruises cruises ?

The average length is 3 nights, but you’ll be able to choose from 2-night cruises, 14-night cruises

Is MSC Cruises expensive ?

It will depend on the room you choose, but the average cruise with MSC Cruises is $366. You can get prices as low as $189, but their cruises can also go up to $1699.

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